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Production & Events

The iconic reputation of the Opera House beckons artists from around the globe; in turn attracting new and more diverse audiences to our venues. Almost 288,000 people attended a variety of recitals, school concerts, community events, competitions and performances by commercial hirers, many by artists representing different cultures.

Production & Events guide decision-making across all our functions, including artistic programming, event operations and production, infrastructure and audience and industry engagement. It identifies a series of goals and objectives designed to respond to the changing cultural and social landscape in which we work, the evolving needs of our audiences, and upcoming challenges for the Opera House, such as the Concert Hall renewal.

Production & Events aims to ensure that we continue to develop and deliver artistic experiences that are creative, engaging and challenging for existing and new audiences throughout Renewal and beyond.  Our purpose is To be Unmissable, supported by a series of goals and objectives gathered under four areas:

  1. Balance challenging artistic experiences with financial success
  2. Deepen our engagement with a broader audience
  3. Work with the past to build the future
  4. Value and respect our partners’ contributions

In June 2019, Lou Oppenheim joined the team in the new role of Director, Production & Events, overseeing production services, venue and event sales, event operations and recording and broadcasting, and leading the operational delivery of all performance and event activities at the  Opera House.

  • Venue & Event Sales
  • Production Services - Lighting, Staging, Sound & AV and Production Support
  • Event Operations – Account Management, Production Management & Stage Management
  • Recording & Broadcast