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SOH Presents

The wide range of events inside the Opera House’s venues and foyers, and outside on the Forecourt and Northern Boardwalk, is programmed by the in-house programming department, Sydney Opera House Presents (SOHP), seven flagship resident companies and commercial hirers, and draws audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The Opera House is committed to embracing the performing arts in all their diversity, from traditional forms to leading-edge contemporary performance and ideas. Delivery of this vision, is being led by Fiona Winning, who became Director, Programming in April 2019. She works with the heads of genre programming to oversee production and artistic development for SOHP, across

  • Contemporary Music
  • Talks & Ideas
  • Children, Families & Creative Learning
  • First Nations
  • Contemporary Performance
  • Classical Music
  • Digital Programming
  • Artist & Sector Development

In line with the three-year Artistic Strategy launch in FY18, the programming and production team presented a wide range of events designed to promote inclusivity and connect audiences with the art, the building and the precinct. This included programming the work of artists from diverse backgrounds and different lived experiences, with special emphasis on First Nations artists; inspiring and nurturing creative learning to encourage lifelong engagement with the arts; and using digital technology to share Opera House performances and events with the world. The strategy’s overarching commitment is to balance challenging artistic experiences with financial success and community and digital engagement. The Opera House, together with its resident companies and commercial hirers, worked to delight, educate and thrill audiences in the precinct and online. To create unique experiences that leave them coming back for more. To make a place everyone in the community can call home.