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Lost and Found Property at the Sydney Opera House

All items found on the Sydney Opera House premises are referred to Stage Door for registration and management. 

All property is entrusted to the Opera House will be safeguarded and reasonable attempts will be made to return items of property to the rightful owners.

Found property will be recorded, securely stored and dealt with as follows:

  • Items of significant value, such as wallets, jewellery and cameras, will be securely stored by the Opera House and referred to the police generally within one month for management (after best endeavours have been made to locate the owner);
  • Individual sums of money found (not in a wallet or purse) will be securely stored by the Opera House and held for a period of three months;
  • Other items will be securely stored by the Opera House and held for a period of one month.

At the end of the retention periods, unclaimed property will be donated to an authorised charity or disposed of in accordance with Sydney Opera House procedures. Unclaimed sums of money will be transferred to the NSW Government or to the Sydney Opera House fundraising account.

Reports of Lost Property:

  • Reports of property lost on the Opera House premises can be made to the Host Team at Stage Door. When a claim is made for lost property, the claimant will be required to provide evidence of ownership (i.e. proof of identification) and to describe the item in question.

Cloaked Items:

  • Claims for property held in an Opera House cloakroom without a corresponding ticket must be supported by evidence of ownership (i.e. proof of identification) and a detailed description of the item in question.

Enquiries regarding lost and found property can be made via:

Tel: +61 2 9250 7111

Click here for the Lost and Found Property Policy

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