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LEGO® Big Build on the Forecourt

Daily from 6 - 13 December 2021

We’ve partnered with LEGO® Australia to inspire children and families thanks to an exciting activation taking centre stage on our iconic Forecourt. Inspired by children’s passions including Animals, Vehicles, Arts & Crafts and Music, four giant Christmas tree baubles will be on show to inspire and develop the builders of today and tomorrow, whilst also spreading some holiday cheer. Led by a global team of LEGO designers including the only LEGO Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere, Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught. 


Why I love LEGO®

He's the host of LEGO Masters, the only Lego Certified Professional in Australia, and he's constructed the Opera House more than any other building in the world. As we celebrate his latest work – Christmas baubles on the Forecourt – The Brickman reflects on why he loves what he does.

Fun Facts

  • It took 446 hours to design just one of the LEGO Christmas Tree baubles.
  • It took over 4400 LEGO bricks to add all the fun builds onto the Christmas Tree baubles.
  • Animals, instruments, cars and more – it took 44293 LEGO bricks to add the 3D elements to the Christmas Tree baubles.
  • Each Koala took 4800 LEGO Bricks to build.
  • It took nearly 10000 LEGO bricks to build all the instruments on the LEGO Music Christmas tree bauble.
  • The LEGO Christmas Tree baubles have been created by a team from all over the world, including designers in America.
  • The LEGO Christmas Tree baubles get very hot inside in the Aussie sun, so air vents have been created to keep them nice and cool.
  • There are 16408 LEGO bricks on the LEGO Animals Christmas Tree bauble.
  • Before the music notes and instruments were added to our Music Christmas Tree bauble, it had to fly around 16003km from New York to arrive at the Sydney Opera House

Frequently Asked Questions

What will take place at the installation?  Click to read

The installation will see four GIANT Lego Christmas Tree Baubles come to life with 3D elements, music and lights.

Can I reserve my place or register my details before I come along? Click to read

It’s open to the public, so no pre booking required.

Can I walk through the installation with my pram?  Click to read

The pathways are accessible for all, including prams.

Can I bring my personal photography equipment into the installation?  Click to read

We encourage you to take pictures and share your experience with friends, but please don’t block the pathway so we can keep a COVID safe flow.

Is the installation wheelchair accessible?  Click to read

Yes, there are paths and ramps to accommodate. 

Can you touch the installation?  Click to read

No, but you can walk through the middle of the installation and stop at view points for a great overall look. The baubles will also spin so you can take in the tiniest of details.

Can I bring food and drinks into the installation? Click to read

No food or drink (aside from water) inside the installation pathway, but feel free to sit from a vantage point with food to take in the view.

What time will the activation finish each day?  Click to read

The activation is open to walk through from 9:30am-7pm each day- however you can see the display from the outside 24/7.

Is there a place to secure bags/coats? Click to read

No, please look after your own personal belongings.

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