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Challenge your mind with the biggest issues of the day, explored and dissected on our world famous stages. From speakers to workshops, feminism to globalisation, engage with the sharpest thinkers and doers of our age. 


Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

17 Dec 2019 - 21 Dec 2019

Hannah Gadsby is an award-winning Australian comedian whose funny, self-deprecating observations have delighted audiences all over the world. Her brand new live show Hannah Gadsby: Douglas aims to take the voice she found for Nanette (2017/2018) and use it. Douglas is the name of her dog who inspired her to put pen to paper and embark on her next journey.
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Talks & Ideas

John Waters: Make Trouble

15 Oct 2019

The infamous cult cinema guru returns with his world acclaimed one-man show, filled with the comic anarchy and urbane wit that once earned the pop culture icon the moniker ‘The Pope of Trash’. Get tickets now.
Insightful Engaging Revealing

Tom Gleeson

24 Aug 2019

A sure fire, killer stand-up at the top of his game. Come and see the great man live on stage in his natural habitat.
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Talks & Ideas

Michael Pollan

20 July 2019

Legendary writer Michael Pollan explores the taboo topic of psychedelic drugs from his latest book, How to Change your Mind. In this fascinating and illuminating discussion, Pollan reveals what they have taught him about his own mind, and the very nature of consciousness itself.

Thrones! The Musical Parody

05 Jun 2019 - 30 Jun 2019

Ridiculously handsome men battling White Walkers. Ridiculously beautiful women riding fire-breathing dragons. And everyone either trying to kill or woo each other. Nudity? Maybe. Laughs? For sure.
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