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What's on at the House?

Experience the finest of local and global performances, from the classics to marvellous maestros and captivating stories for the little ones.

Ian Bostridge

15 Sep 2019 - 16 Sep 2019

**Please Note: This event has been cancelled**
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
The LA Philharmonic Wind Quintet brings you a travel-sized Los Angeles Philharmonic, as its principal wind players make joyous music for five.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Wallis Giunta is a singer with star quality and a huge future. Discover her exquisite voice, glamourous charisma and her way with a song.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Kids & Families,

Emil and the Detectives

07 Dec 2019 - 08 Dec 2019

Streetwise city kids, a hardworking single mother and Emil’s past brush with the law add grit and nuance to this satisfying tale, based on Erich Kästner’s 1929 novella.
Kids & Families,

One the Bear

06 Sep 2019 - 07 Sep 2019

A fairy tale for the hip hop generation. Grab your Beatz and rhymes loving teen, this show is guaranteed to burst senses and expand minds!
Kids & Families,

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo

28 Sep 2019 - 12 Oct 2019

Journey back in time and meet awesome prehistoric creatures, from cute baby dinos to some of the largest carnivores and herbivores that have ever walked the planet.
Contemporary Music

Kate Miller-Heidke

22 Sep 2019

Genre crossing, platinum selling pop icon Kate Miller-Heidke fills the Concert Hall with her iconic voice in a stellar performance unlike any other.
Exhilarating Inspiring Electric
Circus & Magic

Penn & Teller

11 Jan 2020 - 19 Jan 2020

Big Magic. Clever Stunts. Comedy Gold. Come on down for an event filled with mind-boggling magic and full belly laughs in this summer’s biggest Australian debut, Penn & Teller.
Australian premiere Compelling Entertaining