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Where Memories Are Made

Discover your #MySydneyOperaHouse moments 

To celebrate our reopening and the re-emergence of the cultural sector, the Opera House invited Australians to share their favourite memories and inspiring stories from beneath the sails.

On 25 February, the Opera House sails were illuminated with a special one-night-only projection showcasing the many stories and memories the community has shared – whether it was an incredible show, a special celebration, a surprise celebrity meeting, a community occasion or a behind-the-scenes moment.

Watch the #MySydneyOperaHouse Lighting of the Sails below.


Local artists illustrate your Opera House memories

We asked five local artists to bring your most cherished Opera House memories to life.


Lighting of the Sails

A projection of your #MySydneyOperaHouse​ memories

Audio Description: Lighting of the Sails

A projection of your #MySydneyOperaHouse​ memories

“One of the world’s greatest structures! so glad it graces our harbour, Thank you Mr Utzon!”

- Jason

Your memories


This photo was taken just as we had finished rehearsing the all-Beethoven concert with Chorus Oz in 2019. We had just sung the Ode to Joy (the end of Beethoven's 9th Symphony) and felt suitably elated and joyful. we would then perform it to the public that evening. Little did we know that we would not be singing at the Opera House in 2020.


My goddaughter Aoife was visiting Australia back in 2017 with her parents. She was bored witless, being away from all the action in Sydney, so I thought I'd surprise her with her first visit to the SOH. We had a quick bite in the city before sauntering down along Circular Quay. She knew she was going to a concert, but she didn't know who or where. When we got to the end of the 'Toaster' she said 'Are we going to the Opera House?" and I said "Yep". Mingling at the bar she still had no idea who the act was until Karl & Rick [Underworld] walked out on stage. 

This photo captured the night for us perfectly.

“We love living in Sydney, and being able to attend the Opera House reminds us how lucky we are. It feels like it belongs to all of us.”

- Karen