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The Centre for Creativity 

Creative citizens for Australia's future

This year, the Sydney Opera House launches the Centre for Creativity - its first permanent, dedicated onsite venue and online hub for students, children, families, and lifelong learners. 

Created to meet ever-increasing demand for new creative experiences, the Centre:

•     Brings new generations of students and families to the Opera House, enabling them to explore their own creativity through participating in performance, learning, making, and play, in the place that symbolises Australia’s creativity; and

•     Takes the Opera House online to students and families across Australia, so that people can explore creativity in their schools and homes.

Whether at the Opera House, in Western Sydney, or in Western Australia, the Opera House and the unique experience of creativity it presents will be accessible to all.

The Centre for Creativity converts office space on the building's north-west corner to a new public-facing venue. 

Join us in our ambition

Children and creativity are at the heart of the Sydney Opera House. They always have been. And, with support of our philanthropic partners and donors, they always will be.

For over 40 years, the Opera House has welcomed, and inspired, young people with dedicated programs that inspire and provoke imagination, encourage creativity, and nurture lifelong learning.

With the Centre for Creativity, we continue to promote the creative development of Australian children and families, no matter where they live.

We are doing this by:

•    Offering more experiences, so we can meet audience demand;
•    Developing new content, so we can continue to engage and inspire audiences; and
•    Broadening our online reach, so all Australians can experience the Opera House.

To achieve all this, we are seeking strategic investment to complement our own investment and that of our current Centre for Creativity supporters - Yarranabbe Foundation, the Boyarsky family, Greatorex Fund and Ove Arup Foundation.

Sydney Opera House, a Deductible Gift Recipient, raises all funds itself for programs delivered through the Centre for Creativity, from non-government sources.

We have a range of avenues for support, from one-off projects to multi-year, multi-faceted programs.  And we are seeking a principal partner for the full suite of our children, families, and education programming across the Opera House.

We welcome the chance to discuss these opportunities with you.


Crispin Rice
Head of Philanthropy
Sydney Opera House 
T: 02 9250 7077

Thank you to our Centre for Creativity philanthropic supporters

Yarranabbe Foundation
Ove Arup Foundation

Turnbull Foundation
Boyarsky family
The Greatorex Fund
Clark Butler & Louise Herron AM
Ingrid Kaiser
Sheli Lubowski
Ann Sherry AO & Michael Hogan
The Wolanski Foundation
Rae Assender
Beverley & Phil Birnbaum
Michael & Manuela Darling
Farrell Family Foundation
Dr Russell & Jane Kift
Dr Eileen Ong
Joseph Skrzynski AO
At July 2021

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Creative Leadership in Learning

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Engaging Students with Disability

Exchange information, ideas and inspiration with industry experts and practitioners from the arts and disability network in this interactive two-day forum for teachers, families and artists.

Your Opera House.

For now, forever, for everyone.