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Your gift today will help make sure children are always at the heart of the Sydney Opera House 

Children and creativity are at the heart of the Sydney Opera House.

They always have been and, with your help, they always will be.

Every year, more than 800 performances and experiences are presented for students and families at the Opera House and online.

This year, we are launching the Centre for Creativity – the Opera House’s first permanent, dedicated venue and online hub for students, children, and families.

Through the Centre, more children will learn and develop the essential skills they need to become the creative citizens that Australia has to have for its future.

Will you make your gift today and help make sure children are always at the heart of the Sydney Opera House?

We can’t do it without you. Every gift makes a difference.

Please, make your gift today

Why your gift matters

The Opera House is not-for-profit and raises all funds for its children's programs itself, from non-government sources. 

With your generous support, more children can benefit from our free online programs and from new schools' and children's programs that include: 

  • Curriculum-linked education experiences;
  • New programs focussed on First Nations insights;
  • New programs centred on STEM/STEAM and the Opera House's unique building;
  • Performances and workshops with Australian and international artists and authors; and 
  • Free school holiday creative play. 

Your generosity is critical enabling the Opera House to develop and deliver these programs which make sure all children continue to be welcomed at the Opera House.

Child with cello at Babies Proms, Sydney Opera House


Your gift opens the Opera House to everyone in the community

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Your gift today transforms lives through the power of the arts

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Kids having fun on the monumental steps at the Sydney Opera House


Your gift today treasures and renews the Opera House

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Thank you for your gift.

You play a vital role in treasuring and renewing the Opera House for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors, and ensuring the Opera House is open for everyone, forever. Thank you to our generous donors.