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You can open the Opera House to disadvantaged students.

Each year, thanks to donors like you, over 2,000 young disadvantaged students like Serenity have their first Opera House experience.

Most have never visited the Opera House or seen live theatre before.

Please, will you help other children like Serenity? (pictured above)

The Opera House is not-for-profit – we can only help these children through your generosity.


“I’d never actually seen the Opera House in person.”

Serenity (pictured above) is 11 years old and lives in western Sydney. Thanks to our donors, this year was her first Opera House experience and her first experience of live theatre.


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Your gift at work

You can transform a young disadvantaged student’s life, opening up a world of possibilities beyond the classroom and daily life, through helping them to experience the performing arts.

These students are young members of our community who live with social and financial disadvantage and come from a variety of backgrounds including from Aboriginal, non-English speaking, migrant, and refugee families.

For most of these children, it is the first time they have visited the Opera House.

For many, it is the first time they have experienced a theatre performance.

Your gift of just $28 makes a difference

You can help with just $28, which is the cost for each of these disadvantaged students to experience an educational performance at the Opera House.

Over 2,000 disadvantaged students have an Opera House experience, thanks to donors like you. That’s over $50,000 each year to meet current demand.

And demand on our donor-funded education access program is increasing every year, which means students are starting to miss out.

Your gift can change a life

Your gift creates an invaluable experience for these young students. Our program is linked to the school curriculum and is connected to in-class activities before and after the students’ Opera House visit, so the experience has lasting impact.

With your support, these young students from disadvantaged schools can have that transformative experience of the performing arts that we often take for granted.

We can’t do it without you

The Opera House is a not-for-profit organisation. We can only help these children through your generosity.  Please make your gift today and help us open the Opera House to as many young people in our community as possible.

Every gift makes a difference.

“With this program the barrier of ‘I can’t go to the Opera House’ is totally broken down.”

Deborah Curran, Teacher

Contact the Philanthropy team

Please call +61 2 9250 7077 (9am - 5pm) or +61 2 9250 7777 (after hours) or email

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