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Stories of impact

How donors have shaped the stories we tell

Donor collective

Art Assembly: Jason Phu

Thank you to our contributing Sydney Opera House donors and the ARROW Collective for its support in securing philanthropic seed funding for Art Assembly in association with Antidote 2019.

Sydney-based artist Jason Phu brought his performance and installation, Procession in the Warming Light/Procession in the Rising Darkness to the Western Broadwalk, to explore human responsibility for climate change. 

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Our donors

“My greatest joy is to give”

We asked Peter Weiss if he would help bring to life a long-held dream –  to provide professional rehearsal rooms for our largest venue, which is in use almost 365 days a year but has no dedicated artist practice spaces.

Without hesitation, Peter agreed.

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Fundraising group

Ladies of the House

In 2019, the Sydney Opera House Ladies' Committee celebrated 62 years of fundraising. Established in 1957, the group has become one of our largest sources of philanthropic support, ensuring the Opera House will remain open to everyone, forever through their support for our Arts Assist and Access programs. 

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New donor group

Daring art with The Brave

Among our Opera House donors, The Brave are those who help us to champion new art, ideas, artists, and art forms – great works of today and works that will shape tomorrow.

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Powerful filmmaking

For Arthur Jafa, Black art is the heart of America

Our donor-enabled visual art program brought the groundbreaking artist and filmmaker to Sydney.

First Nations celebration

An interactive guide to Dance Rites

Get to know the inspiring, donor-enabled First Nations dance competition.

Asian physical theatre

Vietnam’s villages bloom into a city in À Ố Làng Phố

Our Brave donors helped present Tuan Le's new circus which challenges how we see Asia.

Legendary musical

Return to the Age of Aquarius

Reminiscing on the 1969 Sydney opening night of HAIR.  Our 50th anniversary production is supported by The Vine Foundation.

Thank you for your gift.

You play a vital role in treasuring and renewing the Opera House for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors, and ensuring the Opera House is open for everyone, for ever. Thank you to our generous donors.