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Sydney Philharmonia Choirs on the steps of the Opera House

Donate to Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

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Every gift makes a difference.

Together we can ensure singing continues to enrich our community.

The shared experience of singing fosters hope and joy. The healing power of music unites audiences and singers and has lasting mental health benefits.

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs is a not-for-profit organisation. Ticket sales and Government support are not enough to allow us to present the range of opportunities we offer to the community.  We need generous people like you to add your support.

Please, make your gift today. 

Your gift is tax-deductible.
Every gift of $2 or more is tax deductible in Australia (ABN 18 001 253 256).

Prefer to make your gift by phone?
Call Sydney Philharmonia Choirs on (02) 8274 6200 (M-F 9am-5pm)

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When you make your gift you will be asked to sign into your Opera House account or Register. If you don't know your account details or have forgotten your password, please click here

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs is a Resident Company of the Sydney Opera House. Your donation to Sydney Philharmonia Choirs will be collected on the Sydney Opera House website, and reflected in standard order confirmations and tax invoicing. Please note your donation will be formally reprocessed and received by the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and your contribution recognised directly.

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs gratefully acknowledges the vision, commitment and generosity of our supporters.

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