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Public programs, workshops and experiences for all ages

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Architecture Club

Architecture Club

11 Feb 2023

Join Architect & Educator Louise O’Brien (founder of Architects for Kids) in these monthly Saturday afternoon workshops for budding creatives. Inspired by the unique design genius of architect Jorn Utzon and the Sydney Opera House, explore through a series of fun and playful design exercises, the genius of the Sydney Opera House building and its architect.


Costume Pardi Mardi Gradi

18 & 19 Feb 2023

In celebration of World Pride 2023, the CFC has commissioned sustainable fashion designer Sally Jackson to present two weekends of workshops for participants to upcycle their wardrobes to create outfits for Mardi Gras.


Artists on the Harbour

23 Feb 2023

Learn about iconic Sydney artists who were captivated by the harbour on this interactive drawing and walking tour.