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WATCH: Behind the scenes
of the set design process

Take a journey behind the scenes of Emil and the Detectives, a production of Slingsby Theatre Company. The set designer Wendy Todd will explain, in a series of five episodes, the step by step involved in the creation of a set.

Emil and the Detectives - episode 1

Inspiration for set design

In the first episode of the series, Wendy will take you through where everything starts: the research process. This important step will guide the designer's choice of colour pallet and objects that will compose the set.

Emil and the Detectives - episode 2

Creative development in set design 

The creative development is the second step in Wendy’s process. This is when all creatives of the production gather together to experiment and explore ideas. These ideas will be later incorporated into the play and will help to make the difference for the story.

Emil and the Detectives - episode 3

Set design principles

Designing a set has a lot of engineering and science involved. This is what Wendy will explain in the third episode of the series.

Emil and the Detectives - episode 4

Building a model box

The model box is a scaled version of the set and will help the designer to make important decisions about the space available and the lighting of the play. The model box looks like a doll’s house, but it is an unskippable part of the process. 

Emil and the Detectives - episode 5

Building the set

Building the set is when all the steps come together to create the final product. What Wendy loves about this step is how she can finally see all her ideas coming into life. Watch how Wendy does that in the fifth episode of the series.

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