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For students of Architecture, Engineering and Design (in the Built Environment) in 3rd year or above.

In honour of the Sydney Opera House’s 40th Anniversary celebrations in October 2013, the Opera House and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, in collaboration with Australian and Danish partners and contributors, have established the Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange, or MADE by the Opera House.

MADE by the Opera House will promote international and cross-disciplinary interaction between students of engineering, architecture and design (in the built environment). As well as providing multidisciplinary experience for Australian and Danish students, the program will foster cultural links between the two countries. This is particularly fitting as it complements the role that Danish architect Jørn Utzon played in the innovative design and construction of the Opera House.

Partners and Contributors

The support of industry organisations and foundations will foster closer collaboration between professionals and students in the area of the built environment.

MADE by the Opera House is developed and supported by:

  • Arup and Steensen Varming in Australia, which have strong historical relationships with the Opera House’s design, construction and maintenance, and support multidisciplinary collaboration in the built environment;
  • The NSW Architects Registration Board, which supports collaboration between architectural students and professional bodies of the built environment;
  • The Bikuben Foundation in Denmark, which supports and develops high-quality social and cultural projects throughout Denmark and Greenland;
  • The Dreyer Foundation in Denmark, which supports projects and initiatives to promote legal and architectural development and interaction within society;
  • The Obel Family Foundation, which supports development-oriented, sustainable organisations and initiatives within research, education, arts  and culture; and 
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, which educates architects, designers and conservators. 

The Program  
Each year, ten students in the fields of architecture, engineering and design (in the built environment) will participate in the MADE by the Opera House program. Five students from an Australian university based in NSW and five students from a Danish university will be selected for a six-week exchange program to Denmark and Australia respectively.
Australian students will travel to Denmark in January-February, and Danish students will travel to Australia in July-August.

In 2015, the program for the Danish students will run from Monday 13 July to Friday 21 August and the curriculum will include:

  • Placement at a host architecture firm to work in a collaborative team on a multidisciplinary project, with technical support from various engineering firms  
  • Completion of a collaborative multidisciplinary project with consideration of the Utzon Design Principles
  • Collaboration with Arup and Steensen Varming, who will provide professional advice and mentorship to the assigned project
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of Sydney Opera House’s Utzon Design Principles and Conservation Management Plan;
  • An opportunity to stay at Jørn Utzon’s,residence ‘Can Lis’ in Majorca, Spain. the week prior to program commencement
All instruction will be conducted in English. An Australian MADE representative will provide ground support to the students, including opportunities to meet the MADE student alumni.

Each student will be provided with the equivalent of AU$6,000 to cover international airfares, accommodation and living expenses during their visit. Students will be responsible for organising their own accommodation. However, an Australian MADE representative will provide assistance through information and advice.

MADE by the Opera House applications for Danish students have now closed. The program will open for Australian students enrolled in an Australian tertiary institution who will have completed their third year of an engineering, architecture or design (in the built environment) degree by 20 December 2015. Refer to the MADE Application and Program Terms and Conditions for Applicant eligibility.

Applications will open in April 2015 and close in July 2015.

The five successful Australian students will be notified in August 2015 and invited to attend the farewell event for the Danish program at the Sydney Opera House on 20 August 2015.



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