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The Concert Hall

The biggest upgrade to the Concert Hall since the Opera House opened in 1973 will improve acoustics, stage and backstage areas, theatre systems and accessibility in and around the venue.

The Concert Hall is the heart of the Opera House. The full sweep of culture plays across its stage - from classical and contemporary music to circuses, cabaret and school spectaculars.

The upgrades will transform the audience and performer experience and ensure it can switch between moods and modes as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Specially designed acoustic reflectors and reorientated box fronts with a new acoustic diffusion will better distribute sound to performers on stage and to audiences in all parts of the hall. A new, lower stage will improve access from backstage and sightlines to the stage and the installation of automated stage risers will improve audience sightlines and accommodate a variety of orchestral configurations.

A new automated draping system will improve the hall's flexibility, versatility and efficiency and allow it to quickly adapt to different types of performances and an upgrade to the surround-sound system will enhance amplified contemporary music shows and talks as part of our Talks & Ideas program.

An elegant new passage will connect the Concert Hall Southern Foyer to areas currently not wheelchair accessible or challenging for those with mobility restrictions, including the spectacular Northern Foyer. The Concert Hall upgrade also includes new wheelchair-accessible positions in various locations inside the Hall and wheelchair-accessible toilets in the Northern Foyer.

Construction of this extensive program of essential works is expected to begin in early 2020 and will require the closure of the Concert Hall. 

Improving the acoustics

Work is underway to make the Opera House sound as good as it looks. Meet the acousticians solving a 40 year-old problem.

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