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Entry & Foyers

The Entry & Foyers project will transform the way the outside of the Opera House connects with the inside.

Jørn Utzon described the journey across the Opera House Forecourt and up the Monumental Steps as one of moving 'from the ordinary to the extraordinary'.

The newly paved and vehicle-free Forecourt, enabled by the loading dock that opened in 2015 and redirected 1000 heavy-vehicle movements a week underground, has helped realise this vision.

The Entry & Foyers project will continue the experience all the way under the Monumental Steps, turning the 3000 square-metre area that has become the Opera House's second front door into a vibrant, welcoming, car-free entrance and meeting place.

Utzon imagined this space as another foyer, where 'the soffit of the podium', would 'form the first impression of the building,' defined by the 'marked sculptural effect' of the beams.

Accessibility upgrades to make the space safer and more accessible for people with limited mobility. 

The Entry & Foyers project includes:

  • A new lift in the main box office foyer, which will for the first time provide an independent path of travel for those with access needs to the JST southern foyers. This will complement the new lift and tunnel to the northern foyers, completing the accessible journey for the JST;
  • Upgrading an existing back-of-house passage and lift to connect to the Concert Hall southern foyers. This work will be completed in conjunction with the main Concert Hall works to be commenced in 2020.
  • Upgrading existing precast granite pavers and replacing the existing bitumen surface under the Monumental Steps with new, even paving in signature Opera House granite; and
  • This will create a lighter space and remove trip hazards, providing a seamless and safer experience for visitors as they cross from the forecourt to the entry under the steps.

In addition to the Entry & Foyer project, the Opera House is delivering further public domain improvements to improve pedestrian access and safety at the entrance to the site, including:

  • Re-grading to remove the existing splayed stairs near the roundabout;
  • Removing steps in the ramp on the western side of the East Circular Quay entrance;
  • Improving the current drop-off system at the gatehouse; and
  • Replacing existing temporary security infrastructure with permanent bollards.

These works are due for completion in 2019.

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