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Sydney Opera House. Image: Hamilton Lund
Sydney Opera House. Image: Hamilton Lund

Goals and objectives

1. Balance challenging artistic experiences with financial success

  • Pursue and champion new and challenging experiences together with the traditional art forms presented at the Opera House.
  • Present unique programs designed to connect people with the art, the building and the precinct, and which live up to the promise of the Opera House itself.
  • Program and present the work and stories of artists from diverse backgrounds and different lived experiences, with special emphasis on First Nations artists.
  • Focus our programming effort during Concert Hall renewal towards works which activate the site and draw audiences.
  • Be the benchmark for quality and sustainable event management and production, delivering memorable experiences and maximising use of our venues during and after their renewal.

2. Deepen our engagement with a broader audience

  • Create a diverse and accessible artistic program which embraces inclusivity, reflecting evolving audience behaviours as well as community needs and expectations.
  • Play our part in making the broader Opera House experience the very best it can be for everyone.
  • Work hard to appeal and remain relevant to the next generation of audiences.
  • Inspire and nurture creative learning and lifelong engagement with the arts.
  • Use digital technology and content to share Opera House performances and events with the world and bring the world’s art to Opera House audiences.

3. Work with the past to build the future

  • Work at the intersection of art, production and technology, making best use of our infrastructure to enhance all our operations and delivery.
  • Contribute our technical expertise to the planning and renewal of the Concert Hall, ensuring its place as a world-class performance venue for artists and audiences well into the future.
  • Find new ways to work innovatively and effectively in a World Heritage building that honours its past while securing its future as a vibrant, contemporary performing arts centre.

4. Value and respect our partners’ contributions

  • Share our artistic programming and intentions with Resident Companies to ensure a strong and coherent audience offering across the Opera House throughout the year.
  • Ensure that our Resident Companies, commercial hirers and SOHP enjoy the same quality of experience at the Opera House.
  • Establish and uphold strong relationships with our collaborators and supporters to expand and sustain support for the Opera House’s artistic offering.
  • Take our role as a cultural leader seriously, maintaining excellence in arts practice and supporting the growth of arts workers, including our staff, artists and the broader community of arts practitioners.