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S3 Schools Risk Assessment Information

S3 Schools Risk Assessment Information

The following information is designed to assist schools in planning a visit to Sydney Opera House and preparing a risk assessment and risk management plan.

Teachers undertaking a risk assessment and risk management plan should be aware that Sydney Opera House cannot complete the risk assessment for them.


More information can be obtained by contacting Sydney Opera House Safety Team:

phone: 02 9250 7112

fax: 02 9250 7978

General Information

  • Sydney Opera House has developed an Emergency Plan detailing Emergency Procedures to cope with likely emergency scenarios.
  • The primary evacuation assembly point for Sydney Opera House is on the Forecourt.
  • Sydney Opera House has a fully compliant fire detection and suppression system, which includes an Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System.
  • In an emergency these systems are managed by the Emergency Planning & Response Groups which provides 24 hour, 7 days-a-week coverage. Our Theatre Managers, Front of House and Emergency Planning & Response Group will direct school groups to safe locations in the event of an emergency.
  • Sydney Opera House has a fully-equipped first aid room, staffed by registered nurses from 8am-11.30pm, 7 days a week. Additional staff hold senior first aid certificates and extra first aid equipment includes oxy-viva and defibrillators sets.
  • As the site is surrounded by water on three sides, lifebuoy rings are located on the outside of the building.
  • The exterior of the building is fully paved in different forms of granite and there are many stairs. There is limited protection from the elements (i.e. sun, wind, rain etc.). Suitable footwear and clothing is strongly recommended.
  • The entire exterior areas of the site and all public areas within the building are covered by CCTV cameras. The Sydney Opera House CCTV Policy is available for review on located under About Us / Corporate Information / Sydney Opera House Policies.
  • Visitor toilets, including accessible toilet facilities are located:
    • on the Lower Level near the Food and Beverage outlets; 
    • inside the Western Foyer open all day till theatres close; and
    • on the Upper Level in the main Box Office foyer near the Information Desk.  
  • Sydney Opera House has a comprehensive Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Procedures in place, which all staff are required to comply with. These documents can be accessed via our website located under About Us / Corporate Information / Sydney Opera House Policies.
  • Sydney Opera House is fully covered by public liability insurance.


  • There is no vehicle, bus or coach access to the Sydney Opera House site. By prior arrangement, approval may be given for schools who have students with accessibility requirements via email:
  • People who are unable to walk long distances can be dropped off in taxis or private vehicles at the Gatehouse located at the Sydney Opera House site entrance on Macquarie Street. A buggy service for patrons with accessibility requirements operates between the Gatehouse and the Sydney Opera House.
  • Deliveries to the Loading Dock is by appointment only, whereby an approved booking receives a barcode to show at the Gatehouse on arrival. Bookings can be requested through your SOH contact.
  • The nearest public transport (rail, bus and ferry) is located at Circular Quay, which is a short walk from Sydney Opera House.
  • There is a covered walkway from Circular Quay to Sydney Opera House, with a five metre gap between the apartment building at the northern end of Macquarie Street and the escalator leading down to Sydney Opera House’s Lower Level.
  • There are a large number of steps and floor level changes across Sydney Opera House.
  • The public lift connects three levels of the building, the Lower and Ground Levels to the Upper Main Box Office Level. The lift can be accessed via an underground corridor near the Welcome Centre on the Lower Level and also at a corridor on the Ground Level (at the top of the escalators). Escalators connect the box office foyer to the Joan Sutherland Theatre and Concert Hall southern foyers.
  • There are a number of wheelchair and companion seating locations in all theatres. Please advise the Box Office of accessible and companion seating as well as any other access requirements at the time of booking.
  • A limited number of courtesy wheelchairs are available for students attending performances in the Concert Hall and Joan Sutherland Theatre.


  • The nearest public hospital is Sydney Hospital in Macquarie Street. Phone number: 9382- 7111.
  • The nearest private medical centre is the Gateway Quayside Medical Centre at Circular Quay. Phone number: 9241-1577.
  • More detailed information can be found on our website