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All About Women

Free Digital Education Streams

Celebrate the week of International Women's Day with exclusive on demand talks from the All About Women festival.

In your classroom


“A feminist is anyone who recognises the equality and full humanity of women and men”

Gloria Steinem

Celebrate International Women's Day with free talks from the All About Women festival

We're excited to bring three offerings from our Talks and Ideas festival All About Women into your school, available on demand for one week only from 9 - 13 March, 2020.

Connect your students to remarkable thinkers from the comfort of your classroom as they discuss women in science, climate and the societal construct of beauty. 

Secondary schools are able to connect via a YouTube link using your preferred internet browser. 

Presented by Sydney Opera House

All About Women

Designed to make you think and push your boundaries, All About Women is a vibrant day that asks questions about gender, justice and equality.

Talks available on demand... 

Green with Rage 

Yael Stone, Amelia Telford & Jean Hinchliffe

Amelia Telford has witnessed coastal erosion and the loss of livelihoods in Bundjalung country, northern NSW. So she founded Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, to bring together young Indigenous leaders. Actress Yael Stone is giving up her green card to return to Australia. After living between two continents, she decided the carbon emissions produced by regular air travel is "environmentally unjust". Surrounded by news of polar ice caps melting and the Great Barrier Reef dying, 16 year old Jean Hinchliffe fights hopelessness with action. She is one of the leaders of Australia's youth climate movement.

Get to know these three Australian women who are tackling climate justice in creative and powerful ways, as they talk personal sacrifice and political power in the collective fight.

Hosted by Maddison Connaughton

Rethinking Beauty 

Bri Lee & Carly Findlay

The idea of beauty is inexorably bound in culture, capitalism, and gender. Bri Lee, whose first book Eggshell Skull is a critically-aclaimed bestseller, equated beauty with thinness and success. Her latest book, Beauty, recounts her battle with anorexia and the enormous pressures of always falling short of the impossible goals of perfection. Carly Findlay is a writer, speaker and appearance activist who challenges conventional thinking about beauty. In blog posts and her memoir, Say Hello, she writes prolifically about her skin condition, Ichthyosis, and blows up narrow social expectations by celebrating her body, and refusing to conform to normative beauty standards. Join two of Australia's most thoughtful writers as they discuss the glorious freedom we can find by identifying and rejecting restrictive ideals.

Hosted by Flex Mami

The Forgotten Women of Astronomy

Jo Dunkley 

Since ancient times, the cosmos has been an endless source of wonder and mystery. Astrophysicist Jo Dunkley knows all about stellar life cycles, black holes, cosmic evolution and the huge, unfolding history of the Universe. From the basics - like why the earth orbits the Sun - to astonishing facts about star catalogues and superclusters, this brilliant communicator will take us on a cosmic journey of scientific discovery.

Along the way, we will encounter some extraordinary, little-known women who defied the restrictions placed on them because of their gender, and whose pioneering research laid the foundations that Professor Dunkley has built on. Take this luminous guide to our astonishing galaxy, and meet the visionary women who have played a vital role in helping us better understand it.

Hosted by Rae Johnston

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