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Trapper: Creative Learning

Part dance, part poetry. A must see exploration of the modern age. 

In the Studio

“Moving, thought provoking, engaging, artistic and wonderful. I loved it.”

Young Adult Audience Member, Melbourne Premiere Season

NSW Curriculum Links:

Do we live in a prison or playground?    

Four performers battle each other inside giant sculptural machines, hoping to discover the proof of free will.

Using slam poetry and demanding physical agility, the performers make their arguments, simultaneously asking: “are we in control or being controlled?” Trapper investigates the complex relationship humans have with the systems we embrace, inhabit and fight against.

Part dance, part poetry with inventive design and technology, Trapper is a must see exploration of the modern age. 

Presented by Sydney Opera House and Arena Theatre Company 

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NSW Curriculum Links


Content and outcomes


Stage 5


Stage 6

General capabilities and cross-curriculum


D. express themselves and their relationships with others and their world




Responding to and composing increasingly complex texts in a variety of modes and media


Information and communication technology (ICT) capability

Critical and creative thinking

Personal and social capability

Ethical understanding

Intercultural understanding




Critically Studying



Design and Technology



Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the interrelationship of design, technology, society and the environment







Conceptual framework






Pre or Post Performance Workshop

Enrich your students’ experience with a pre or post performance workshop in your school. A Sydney Opera House Teaching Artist will travel to your school for a tailor-made interactive workshop that delves deeply into the forms of physical theatre, object manipulation and the content of the show tailored to your subject area.

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Ticket and Travel Subsidy

The Sydney Opera House is committed to providing the very best national and international performing arts experiences to NSW students as part of their educational studies.

The Sydney Opera House Arts Assist program provides the full cost of the Creative Learning performance ticket and $5 per student toward travel costs. School applications are assessed according to socioeconomic disadvantage, schools with special needs and individual responses regarding the School Profile and School Community.

The Sydney Opera House thanks and acknowledges our generous Arts Assist donors; The Greatorex Foundation and Sydney Opera House Ladies’ Committee.

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