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There's a Sea In My Bedroom: Creative Learning

Weaving together captivating storytelling with a newly composed score performed by ACO Collective.

In the Utzon Room

“Quality music is essential in the development of a child. This will delight, stimulate and inspire.”

Bridgette Van Leuven - Head of Children, Families & Creative Learning


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Based on the classic picture book by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Jane Tanner.

David is frightened of the sea. He does not like it at all, not one bit. But one day he finds a conch shell at the beach and takes it home – and he hears the sea trapped inside. ‘Come out, sea, come out,’ he says softly. ‘I won’t hurt you.’

Weaving together captivating storytelling with a newly composed score performed by ACO Collective, There’s a Sea in My Bedroom is an immersive introduction to live music, capturing the magic of a child’s fantasy world.

Sydney Opera House and the Australian Chamber Orchestra proudly present the world premiere of this beautifully reimagined story by award-winning author Margaret Wild.

K-2 students will have a rich experience listening, interpreting, and appreciating this much-loved story and will have the opportunity to meet the musicians and instruments after the show.

From New South Wales

Presented by Sydney Opera House and the Australian Chamber Orchestra

NSW Curriculum Links

Subject Objective Outcomes
Early Stage 1 Stage 1 Australian curriculum general capabilities 
Creative Arts Music Listening MUES1.4 MUS1.4  - Literacy
- Critical and creative thinking
- Personal and social capability
Drama Apreciating DRAES1.4 DRAS1.4
English Communicate through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing. ENe-1A EN1-1A
Use language to shape and make meaning according to purpose, audience and context. ENe-6B EN1-6B
Think in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive and critical. ENe-10C EN1-10C
Express themselves and their relationships with others and the world. ENe-11D EN1-11D

Ticket and Travel Subsidy

The Sydney Opera House is committed to providing the very best national and international performing arts experiences to NSW students as part of their educational studies.

The Sydney Opera House Arts Assist program provides the full cost of the Creative Learning performance ticket and $5 per student toward travel costs. School applications are assessed according to socioeconomic disadvantage, schools with special needs and individual responses regarding the School Profile and School Community.

The Sydney Opera House thanks and acknowledges our generous Arts Assist donors; The Greatorex Foundation and Sydney Opera House Ladies’ Committee.

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