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Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium: Creative Learning

Dive to the historical depths of the ocean and get up close to prehistoric marine reptiles in this interactive experience for students.

In the Studio


“Inspire new generations with the wonder of the natural history of our planet”.

Scott Wright, Artistic Director, Erth Visual and Physical Inc.

Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium Image: Heidrun Lohr

Connecting students to the science of palaeontology

Deep below the surface, submerged below time, swim some of the world’s most amazing prehistoric marine reptiles. Students will get up close and personal with an amazing array of aquatic creatures and critters from bygone eras in this fun and educational performance that connects young audiences to the science of palaeontology.

What does a Plesiosaurs skin feel like? How big are a Kronosaurus teeth? And do Kimberella even wear shoes? Discover answers to these questions and more in Prehistoric Aquarium.

Watch wide-eyed from a distance or get up close; the lifelike puppets featured in this immersive theatrical experience will recreate an extinct underwater universe students won’t want to leave!

Presented by Sydney Opera House and Erth Visual Physical Inc. 

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

General capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities






Intercultural understanding
Critical and creative thinking
Personal and social capability












Speaking and listening 2 Reading and Viewing 2
Thinking imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically
Expressing themselves

EN1–10C EN1–11D

EN2–10C EN2–11D

EN3–7C EN3–8D

Your Creative Learning Journey

This live performance program comes with a dedicated Creative Learning Journey, featuring recommended activities for your students and a teacher resource pack. Equipped with our Creative Learning Journey, you’ll embark on a program of experiences designed for deeper learning, including live-streamed classroom workshops and tailor made professional learning.

Download Creative Learning Journey

Ticket and Travel Subsidy

The Sydney Opera House is committed to providing the very best national and international performing arts experiences to NSW students as part of their educational studies.

The Sydney Opera House Arts Assist program provides the full cost of the Creative Learning performance ticket and $5 per student toward travel costs. School applications are assessed according to socioeconomic disadvantage, schools with special needs and individual responses regarding the School Profile and School Community.

The Sydney Opera House thanks and acknowledges our generous Arts Assist donors; The Greatorex Foundation and Sydney Opera House Ladies’ Committee.

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