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The Basics of Teaching Artistry

An online four-course certified program for community artists and workers around the world. 

Learn how to use your artistry to empower communities

Three leading international arts organisations have collaborated to design and deliver The Basics of Teaching Artistry, an entry-level program for those wishing to develop their practice as teaching artists.

Many artists seek out opportunities to work with community groups and for a variety of purposes - artistic, political or social.  Commonly referred to as Teaching Artists, although around the world they may be known as community artists, community cultural development workers or artists pursuing a socially engaged practice through the participatory arts. 

After the Kadenze Academy introduces the basic principles of being a teaching artist, Lincoln Center Education illustrates the skills that effecting teaching artists need. Following this, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre introduces central issues to the way teaching artists engage and co-create with their audiences. The final course is with Sydney Opera House, as we address how 'place' is an enabling driver to develop teaching artist skills. 

Throughout the program, work with experienced artist educators to develop your skills, widen your network of teaching artists internationally and integrate your art form into a range of settings.  To get involved with the program, head to the Kadenze website.

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The course was challenging and engaging. I loved the work samples and enjoyed the activities a lot. They were the perfect balance of professional development and personal discovery, which is what a teaching artist needs. Interacting with the forum was such a neat feature - it supported my learning and built community.

Kate Lee, Teaching Artist of 10 years, (US & Australia)

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What is a Teaching Artist?

Lesson 1 from Introduction to Being a Teaching Artist, the first course taught by Brad Haseman.

Teaching Artistry: Welcome to Aboriginal Lands from Sydney Opera House

Head of First Nations Programming at Sydney Opera House Rhoda Roberts gives a digital welcome to country for the The Basics of Teaching Artistry program

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