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Scaffolding Risk: 

Creativity in the Classroom

A one day conference exploring creativity in classrooms 

In the Studio, Utzon Room and Western Foyers 

Explore creativity in the classroom

Creativity is about many things, but at its core it's nothing without risk. Risk is at the heart of art and creativity, however risk in classrooms is not something most teachers are trained for. 

Sydney Opera House has developed a creativity pedagogy to directly address this: the Creativity Framework. This pedagogy is put into action across a three-year program in schools called the Creative Leadership in Learning program.

The Sydney Opera House Creativity Framework is used to explicitly teach creativity as a domain of learning, but also as a way to teach curriculum through creativity. This conference rips these ideas open, inviting delegates to explore the projects from this program as case studies in action.

Delegates at the conference will hear keynote speakers addressing these concepts and then watch performances from the Creative Leadership in Learning schools that have completed three years of work with the Creativity Framework.

Delegates will participate in interactive panels with the teachers, artists and students who created the works on stage. They will have a chance to learn the Sydney Opera House Creativity Framework and discuss with other educators how it works in practice. Delegates will unpick the issues around creativity in classrooms, thinking and challenging other educators in a collegiate and stimulating environment.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Keynote by: 

Associate Professor Anne Harris (Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Director of RMIT’s Creative Agency Research Lab, and creator/editor of book series Creativity, Education and the Arts).

Performances by: 

Schools from the Amplified: A Festival of Creative Learning  who have participated in three years of work as part of the Sydney Opera House Creative Leadership in Learning program.

More about Anne Harris..

Anne Harris is an Associate Professor, Vice Chancellor’s Principal Research Fellow, and the director of Creative Agency, at RMIT University, and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2017-2021) studying intercultural creativity. Anne researches in the areas of gender, creativity, diversity, performance and emerging digital ethnographies. Anne is a native New Yorker and has worked professionally as a playwright, dramaturg, and teaching artist in the USA and Australia. Anne is the creator and series editor of the Palgrave book series Creativity, Education and the Arts, and is the Director of Creative Agency, a community of artists and scholars for social change. 

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