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Sydney Opera House Wolanski Collections

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Wolanski Collections

The Sydney Opera House Trust established the Dennis Wolanski Library and Archives in 1973. The collection consisted of material about the Sydney Opera House and the performing arts in general.

The Trust closed the library in 1997 and a large proportion of its holdings was transferred to other institutions, primarily the State Library of NSW, Powerhouse Museum, Victorian Arts Centre Performing Arts Collection and Seaborn Broughton and Walford Foundation.

The Trust retained a substantial quantity of material about the Sydney Opera House, including a collection of material acquired from outside sources, now known as the Dennis Wolanski Archive of the Sydney Opera House.

In 1998, Phillip Wolanski, in partnership with Paul Bentley, the Trust’s library manager 1973-1997, established the Wolanski Foundation to provide information on material transferred to other organisations, assist in providing access to this material and perform a number of other functions.

The Sydney Opera House Trust would like to acknowledge the continuing role of the Wolanski Foundation and the support of the Wolanski family in maintaining the Dennis Wolanski Archive of the Sydney Opera House, now augmented with other material, in the interest of preserving the cultural heritage of the House, providing access to relevant material, and assisting in the creation of new digital material.

For further inquiries about information held by the Trust, please contact the Corporate Archivist on 02 9250 7424.

For further inquiries to the Wolanski Foundation, contact
The Director, Wolanski Foundation

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