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Recording Studio

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The Recording Studio's state-of-the-art technology offers tremendous opportunities to performers, film-makers and event producers. The studio is connected to every Opera House venue by an advanced optical fibre-based digital audio-video network. The result is access to unrivalled audio-video quality from across the site, whether it's a piano recital in the intimate surrounds of the Utzon Room or a spectacular outdoor concert on the Forecourt.

The studio is run by a small team of highly-trained professional engineers with many years of industry experience. Our dedicated technicians' skills and intimate working knowledge of Opera House venues offers a complete solution that can be combined seamlessly with the use of external freelance teams.  

This collaborative approach and the Opera House's world-class facilities will ensure you capture all the mood and drama of the occasion and reach the largest possible audience, including through live streaming. 

To see the scale of what can be achieved, view the Visions of Vienna case study for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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