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For the kids

Experience the Sydney Opera House from your home with our range of digital content and hands on activities created especially to inspire young minds. From parkour to classical music, model-making to puppets, there’s something for kids of all ages to discover. From our House to yours.

What's new

House Call podcast

New episodes

Curious kids phoned us with their questions and we've answered them in the brand new season of Arty Farty - A Podcast for Kids.

This week, learn about protecting Sydney Harbour's natural environment, the rehearsal process and creative play! 

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Meet the instruments and learn some sweet skills with our range of video content for kids.

Highlights from our stage to your sofa

Available on demand from our digital season

Ruby's Wish

Ages 6+

Through an unlikely friendship with a beatboxing clown doctor, Ruby’s time in hospital turns into an imaginative adventure. Watch her room change into a wonderland, where wishes really do come true!

Jessica Townsend: Author Talk

Ages 8+

Escape to a fantasy world with this inspiring talk about creativity and writing with record-breaking Australian children’s author of the Nevermoor series, Jessica Townsend.

Shaun Tan: Author Talk

Ages 10+

Discover the creative process behind The Red Tree and The Lost Thing, in this talk featuring best-selling Australian children’s author and illustrator Shaun Tan.

Introductions to classical music


Karen meets the strings family

Ages 5+

Join Karen Pang and some musicians from the Australian Chamber Orchestra.  Learn about the string family and how musical techniques can be used to create mood, character and setting. 


George meets the orchestra

Ages 3+

Follow George as he chats with players from the Sydney Youth Orchestra and learns all about the four families of the orchestra – strings, brass, woodwind and percussion.

From your house to ours

Dance along to The Wiggles

To celebrate The Wiggles appearing on our stage, we asked families to share their wiggly dance moves with us. Check out some of our favourites! 

Author readings

Herbie Hancock and Karen Manbulloo read
Moli det bigibigi

Ages 3+

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock joins Binjari author and artist Karen Manbulloo to read her book Moli det bigibigi (Molly the Pig), as part of the 2019 Indigeous Literacy Foundation’s Community Literacy Program.

Who's in the lift? 

Meet two ballet dancers! 

Ages 5+

Bartram, Lea and Owen spin, twirl and chicken dance as they meet Rhys (now at Sydney Dance Company) and Naomi to discover what it takes to be a ballet dancer!

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Discover the set design process

Go behind the scenes of Emil and the Detectives and learn about the set design process 

Ages 12+

In this series, designer Wendy Todd explains the set design process using Slingsby Theatre Company's production Emil and the Detectives

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Introduce your little ones to classical music, or be inspired by an author talk with our podcasts and playlists curated for kids.

Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids

Our podcast Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids has been created especially for Kid Creatives. We’re excited to share special moments, insights, tips, tricks and more from kids themselves, and creative types who appear here at the House.

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Featured episodes

Season 3: House Call


Before the House with Rhoda Roberts

Ages 6+

Hear all about the rich Indigenous history that existed in Sydney long before the Opera House was built. 

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House Design with Caroline Grandjean-Thomsen

Ages 6+

Learn about the Opera House's architect Jørn Utzon and the importance of creativity in designing this crazy, weird shaped house. 

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House of the Rising Sun with Jacqui Dark

Ages 6+

We know there are eight planets in our solar system, but how big is our planet Earth? In this episode, an opera singer and a physicist tells us more!

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Season 2: Creative Conversations


David Walliams

Ages 6+

David talks about his bestselling novel Billionaire Boy and the unlikely places he's found inspiration.

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Matt Stanton

Ages 4+

Author of the Funny Kids series, listen to how Matt starts getting words onto a page and how important reading is to creating stories. 

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Tim Sharp

Ages 9+

Join Tim and his mum Judy as they discuss Tim's early years being diagnosed with autism, his life as an artist and creator and where this dream has taken him.

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Introductions to classical music, just right for
your toddler and you!


The Brass Family


The Woodwind Family


The String Family

Classic Kids

Ages 2+

Introduce young listeners to musical soundscapes and classical compositions with the Classic Kids podcast and our interactive activity sheets.

Through sounds and storytelling, these resources are designed to help kids learn about the instrument families and develop their musical vocabulary. 

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Our hands on activities will inspire budding architects and illustrators to get creative.

Make models inspired by Utzon's own designs

Ages 7+

In this five part series with step by step tutorials, explore the design principles of architect Jørn Utzon as you learn to make mini models and daring constructions.


Colour in your House

Ages 5+

In celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June, download our colouring in sheets and learn some fun facts about sustainability at the Opera House.

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Colour in musical instruments 

Ages 2+

Colour in the tuba

Colour in the cello

Colour in the saxophone

Share your artwork #sydneyoperahouse

Create your own artwork inspired by the Opera House and share it with us on socials using the hashtag #sydneyoperahouse. We'll be sharing some of them on our social pages each week!


Inspiring pieces unpacking creativity for kids and adults alike. 


From stage to story: books for kids


Inspire creative young minds with children's books whose characters and authors have appeared on the Opera House stage.

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Swap screen time for storytime


Swap screen time for storytime with this ultimate reading list for tiny tots to teens, as picked by our Children, Families and Creative Learning team.

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School kids write their migrant family stories into song

Whole family

Students from Lansvale Public tell history and humour with musician Luke Escombe. Hear the two songs and about their experience recording in a studio. 

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From our House to yours

Bring our stages to your sofa with our new digital program delivered weekly from our House to yours.