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Mementos and gifts for your Sydney Opera House experience

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The Sydney Opera House Shop offers a wide range of merchandise including Sydney Opera House inspired gifts and souvenirs such as the embossed Minskat leather pouch, premium quality stationary, and the iconic Sydney Opera House Lego set, perfect to take home to loved ones.

In addition to the range of Sydney Opera House keepsakes, also on offer are beautiful Danish Design mementos paying homage to Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and carefully crafted jewellery from local Australian designers. There really is something for everyone.

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Sydney Opera House Watch - Limited Edition 

Bausele and the Sydney Opera House have collaborated to create a watch that celebrates the innovative design and enduring beauty of the Opera House itself.

The unique timepiece incorporates intricate details linking to the Opera House’s design and history, bringing Australian design, Swiss craftsmanship and elements of the iconic building together.

The watch face draws inspiration from Utzon’s designs featuring multiple discs that unveil the spherical solution at 2.45pm – the time Queen Elizabeth II opened the Sydney Opera House on 20 Oct 1973.

The crushed ceramic tile found in the crown of the watch is original to the Opera House and comes from the Opera House’s largest sail. Architect Jorn Utzon commissioned Swedish company Höganäs to create the Opera House’s 1,056,006 glazed-white granite tiles. The ‘Sydney Tile’ as it was known was made exclusively for the Opera House – only a limited number exist.

This premium timepiece allows Opera House enthusiasts to take a piece of this World Heritage-listed masterpiece with them wherever they are.

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