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Mementos and gifts for your Sydney Opera House experience

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The Sydney Opera House Shop offers a wide range of merchandise including Sydney Opera House inspired gifts and souvenirs such as the embossed Minskat leather pouch, premium quality stationary, and the iconic Sydney Opera House Lego set, perfect to take home to loved ones.

In addition to the range of Sydney Opera House keepsakes, also on offer are beautiful Danish Design mementos paying homage to Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and carefully crafted jewellery from local Australian designers. There really is something for everyone.

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Utzon Collection

Samantha Robinson has created a limited edition range of ceramics for Utzon's 100th anniversary, which reimagine Utzon's tapestry on Australian porcelain in an exclusive collection created for the Opera House. 

“Before we used to think about art as classical art like a painting but in the contemporary art world, anything is art. Look at the tapestry—it’s art. When you look at the traditional values of what tapestry is or a rug you think, ‘is it an artform, is it a craft?’ It’s about how you perceive it. There’s something exceptional about the tapestry, and to have a piece of that and to bring it home is pretty unique.” Samantha Robinson.

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Jørn Utzon inspires fashion, ceramics and performance art
Three artists on how the sails have inspired their work.

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