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How to get the best out of your Dine & Discover vouchers

It’s never been a more affordable time to visit the Opera House. Here’s our guide to maximising value on your $100 Dine & Discover vouchers.

Sydney Opera House

How they work

Sydney is returning to normal and Sydneysiders are gradually starting to peer out of their caves, looking for assurance that it’s OK to have fun again.

Well it is OK. In fact, it’s encouraged. This Autumn, the NSW Government, like a parent during school holidays, is handing you a wad of cash and telling you to ‘go wild’. And where better to go wild than the Sydney Opera House?

You can access your vouchers through the Service NSW app on your phone. To apply, hit the voucher button and then you'll just need to provide a couple documents proving your identity.

With that wad of cash comes a few caveats:

  • You will receive four vouchers each valued at $25
  • Two of them are ‘Dine’ vouchers and two are ‘Discover’ vouchers
  • The Dine vouchers can be used at Opera Bar, Opera Kitchen, Portside, Bennelong and Theatre Bars 
  • The Discover vouchers can be used to book shows and experiences across Opera, Music, Theatre, Dance, Comedy, Talks and Tours
  • The vouchers can we used any day of the week (including public holidays) until 30 June 2021

How to use them

Dine & Discover: Dinner and a show

Cash in your Dine & Discover vouchers all at once. Book one of our four dining options, then double down with an evening at the theatre. There are plenty of quality shows on the horizon, no matter your taste.

Ben Gerrard in American Pyscho: The Musical

case of Sandsong posing against a cave-like background

Bangarra Dance Theatre's Sandsong

Dine: A drink and a feed

This is self-explanatory. Rock up anytime, QR code in hand, order yourself a pizza and a beverage from Opera Bar, and pay the difference – which will basically amount to pocket change. Alternatively, Opera Kitchen has now reopened as a 'market food hall' of sorts, featuring everything from ramen to pasta to cheese cake. Certainly worth a try.

Dine & Discover: School holidays

This April school holidays treat the kids to Erth’s Prehistoric World and yourself to a lunch at Opera Bar and the whole family wins! If you want to score even better bang for your buck, we’re hosting a range of Free Creative Play workshops across April where you can let the kids’ imagination run wild before delighting them with one of the delicious kids menu items from Opera Kitchen or Portside. A delicious day of creativity and wonder - at no cost to you! 

Dine: Spend big, save big

This is the fanciest option. So you’ve been cooped up at home waiting for that one big night to splurge? Well the time has come. The Dine vouchers should make a half-decent dent in the bill over at the incredible Bennelong (or should at least cover one of Peter Gilmore's luscious cherry jam lamingtons).

Discover: Tours

Ever wanted to explore under the sails and beyond the stage but never made the effort? Uncover the stories, history and magic of the Opera House with our Opera House or Architectural Tours and get 60% off tickets with your Discover vouchers. Be a tourist in your own city for a fraction of the cost.

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