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Tickets available from Friday 6th April, 9am.

Vivid LIVE Backstage Tour

The Vivid LIVE Backstage Tour

What you see on-stage is only half the story.

Sweep back the curtains and explore behind-the-scenes with an intimate small-group Vivid LIVE Backstage Tour. Dine in the exclusive domain of our performers, journey through rehearsal spaces not open to the public, and be tantalised with insider secrets from our expert guides. 

“I did the Opera House Vivid Tour and it was simply amazing and I would recommend this to everybody..."

Gary S, Tripadvisor

Guests on The Backstage Tour

The Opening Act – start the tour like a VIP

Meet at Stage Door for this Vivid LIVE backstage experience, and join an intimate group to begin your exploration. Get ready to see first-hand what it’s like inside the secret nooks of the Concert Hall, explore inside a dressing room and the Intel Broadcast Studio, and hear insider stories and secrets from your tour guide along the way. 

Performance Sign

The Real Story – as Much Drama Back-stage as On-stage

Relish the opportunity to get a glimpse into the demanding, passionate, dramatic (and sometimes scandalous) world of our performers – as our guides impart the stories and insider secrets of what really happens behind the curtain. 

Guests in a dressing room

A Grand Finale – the Inner-Workings of a Living House

From pulleys to props, sequins to sound-checks, we take you through nooks and crannies not known to the public. Discover during Vivid LIVE what makes the Sydney Opera House both a world-renown icon and a world-class performance venue. Complete the experience with delicious dinner and drinks in the Green Room - the exclusive domain of our crew and performers.

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