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all about women

available on demand

Catch up on all of the action from All About Women which took place on Sunday 12 March 2023. A selection of talks are available free to watch on demand via Stream, the Opera House's streaming platform.

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bikini kill speaks: all about women 2023

The legendary 90s feminist punk band Bikini Kill are finding their music and ideas more relevant than ever. They join Marieke Hardy for an exclusive conversation about activism, music, and women taking up space.

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the war on women: all about women 2023

From the repression of women in Iran to the rollback of abortion rights in the US, the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the continuing fight for rights for First Nations people and justice for victims of sexual assault, there appears to be a global war against women.

An animated sketch of autistic woman cluttered with ideas in brain.
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actually autistic: all about women 2023

Nearly 80% of autistic women are mis- or un-diagnosed - but every day we're learning more about this disability. Join our panellists to hear what it's actually like to be autistic.

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matriarchies & movements: all about women 2023

The leadership of Indigenous women has long focused on responsibilities to community and country. You're invited to discover where this approach intersects and conflicts with mainstream feminism today.

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bodies that got left behind: all about women 2023

Over the last 20 years, the ideal body has evolved through different fashions - but is still limited to a narrow norm. Our presenters celebrate the body shapes that still aren't allowed to fit.

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who made me spokesperson?: all about women 2023

Activism requires individuals to speak up. But often, advocates are asked to represent an entire group. How does it feel to be made responsible for the voice of a whole community?

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iran: woman, life, freedom: all about women 2023

Iranian-Australian women give an inside look at the woman-led revolution in Iran, the power of protest, and how Australians can be allies at this incredible moment in history.

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maybe baby: all about women 2023

These days, there's a lot to consider when it comes to reproductive choice. Our panellists share their research and lived experiences about biological clocks, climate anxiety, and the latest in fertility science.

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goodbye girlboss: all about women 2023

We know what it's like to lean in, but maybe it's time to lean back? Join our panellists as they chat about the next generation of feminists putting the girlboss to bed.

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all about women 2023

Join us from wherever you are!
A selection of ten talks at All About Women will be livestreamed from our stages in 2023, meaning you can catch keynote talks from Bikini Kill, Jennette McCurdy, Grace Tame and so many more even if you can't make it to the House on the day.

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