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Hot Gossip

With Megha Kapoor, Lucinda ‘Froomes’ Price and Jessica Rowe, Moderated by Brooke Boney

10 March 2024

In the Drama Theatre

Sydney Opera House Presents

Talks and Ideas

Often dismissed us as a trivial vice (“women’s talk”), in the past few years, gossip has flexed its muscle through political movements like #metoo and public takedowns. A deep dive into a very “shallow” topic to unravel the layers of gossip's power and even value.

Co-curated by Nakkiah Lui

No T, no shade, no pink lemonade.

Jasmine Masters, Ru Paul’s Drag Race

There’s more to gossip than you think

Is it just a bit of harmless fun or is there more going on when we spill the T? In the last few years, gossip has become a means of resistance that has transformed society. We've seen whisper networks and political movements like #MeToo lead to public takedowns and real social change. 

Join this panel as they get to the bottom of what it means. Does gossip provide belonging and community in a world with deep divides? Can you be both a discerning critic and an unapologetic hater? Is it necessary to complain about politicians in order for democracy to work? In the climate of cancel culture and intersectional analysis, this will be a deep dive into the heart of pop culture convos, taking a look at who holds the microphone, and how they wield the subversive power of gossip.

Sydney Opera House Presents


Megha Kapoor (she/her)

Megha Kapoor is a highly accoladed editor, creative director, writer and stylist who has gained an international reputation within the fashion industry for her timeless aesthetic, elevated reportage and commitment to platforming diverse voices.

She is the former editor of Vogue India and was instrumental in driving the publication’s rapid expansion both globally and within the subcontinent. Under Megha’s leadership, Vogue India championed the spirit of creativity in India, sparked conversations around challenging subjects, and celebrated the diversity of the subcontinent while establishing a new visual language.

Born in India, raised in New Zealand and having spent much of her adult life in Australia, Megha brings a global perspective to her work, underpinned by a personal mission to honour her cultural heritage and showcase its beauty and richness to the rest of the world.

Lucinda Price (she/her)

Lucinda Price (aka Froomes) is a writer, presenter and comedian. She’s also the CEO of FROOMESWORLD, an international one-woman business specialising in scripting, producing, presenting and editing original content. She has amassed a cult following online and earned an AACTA nomination for Best Digital Creator of 2022. Her writing work has appeared in The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC and Pedestrian, alongside her weekly newsletter with over 12,000 subscribers. Her debut book is set for release in September 2024 via Pantera Press.

Jessica Rowe (she/her)

Jessica Rowe AM is a mum, accomplished journalist, television presenter, three-time best selling author and Australia’s most popular 'Crap Housewife'. The former anchor for Ten 5pm News, co-host of The Today Show and Studio 10 - Jess Rowe is a proud self confessed 'Crap Housewife' who encourages her loyal online following to embrace life's imperfections. Her popular weekly LiSTNR podcast (finalist for "Podcast of the Year" in 2022) The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show is now in it’s third year and features raw, deep and honest conversations with pubic figures from home and around the world. Jess passionately advocates for mental health awareness and is an ambassador for Beyond Blue. She is married to Nine Network's senior 60 Minutes reporter and Nine Sydney news anchor, Peter Overton.

Brooke Boney (she/her) Moderator

Brooke Boney is an established TV and Radio presenter who is best known as the News and Entertainment Reporter on the Nine Network’s Today Show. With a background in political journalism, Brooke has previously worked for National Indigenous Television (NITV), SBS and the ABC. As a proud Gamilaroi woman, Brooke has been at the forefront of youth culture since she began working in media in 2010, igniting discussion around indigenous affairs and acting as an inspiration to Indigenous youths across the country.

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