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Ben Marshall seated on Opera House steps


Love List: Vivid LIVE 2021

Vivid LIVE Curator Ben Marshall has put together a Love List of tunes from this year's festival – 35 tracks from across the epic line up. Get taken on a exciting safari of soul-stirring sounds from across the country.


Black and white image of Budjerah on gray background


Music for... Love’ by Budjerah

Teen R&B sensation and Coodjinburra man Budjerah has themed his playlist around love, and all the daydreaming and sweet talking that comes with a budding romance.


‘Music for... Tomorrow’ by Becca Hatch

Western Sydney singer/songwriter Becca Hatch curates a playlist of artists who represent the future through their own varied expressions. 

Black and white image of Gordi, hair over face on gray background


‘Music for... Rewinding’ by Gordi

Sophie Payten – the folk-pop singer and producer known as Gordi – compiles the playlist 'Music for... Rewinding', a reminder to take the time to rewind and recentre.

Greyscale image of Sampa, hand on face


Music for... An Afro Future’ by Sampa The Great

Imagining a world of creativity and culture beyond the confines of colonialism, game-changing MC and poet Sampa The Great has put together a playlist for An Afro Future ahead of her exclusive performance at Vivid LIVE 2021.