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We’re From Outer Space

Short Films from the Asian Diaspora feat. 1300 & more

2 June 2024

In the Playhouse


Stories of Asian youth diaspora explored via a collection of short films, documentaries and music videos from around the world. Curated by Sydney-based filmmaker Jonathon Lim (PUSH), this unique collection includes his new film, We’re from Outer Space, featuring Australia’s first-ever K-Rap crew 1300, as they prepare for a sold-out show at the Sydney Opera House.

1300 are bridging the gap between Australia and the world.

Jonathon Lim

Curated by Sydney-based filmmaker Jonathon Lim (PUSH)

This diverse collection of short form documentary, experimental works, music video and narrative films explore subcultures, identity and coming of age stories of Asian Diaspora in different parts of the world. 

A cultural smorgasbord of Asian rappers, Asian stoners, prawn toast, sad films, happy films and fun films, curated by Sydney-based filmmaker Jonathon Lim (PUSH).

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Full collection of short film titles

“We’re From Outer Space” directed by Jonathon Lim (Malaysian-Australian)
We’re from Outer Space, features Australia’s first-ever K-Rap crew 1300, as they prepare for a sold-out show at the Sydney Opera House.
Director Jonathan Lim
Production PUSH
Producers Louella Campbell Aleksander McKenzie
Starring goyo, pokari.sweat, Nerdie, rako, DALI HART

“Momotaro” (2020) directed by Sonia Royal (Japanese-American)
A deviation from the classic Japanese folktale of Momotaro, this South Florida re-imagining follows peachboy as he reckons with demons, shadow submissives, and his own embodiment.
Writer & Director Sonia Royal
Co-Writer Olivia Lloyd
Executive Producer Dylan Redford
Starring Sonia Royal as Momotaro 桃太郎, Nicole Salcedo as Alpha Demon 大鬼, Aaron Byrnes and Daniel Soto as Demons 鬼 of Masculinity

“Nodey ft. Suboi - Đôi Khi” (2020) directed by Anh Phi Trần (Cako) (Vietnamese-French)
Vietnam’s king and queen of hip-hop come together in a music video deconstructing Vietnamese traditions and celebrating its richness.
Director Anh Phi Trần (Cako)
Co-producers Booncha, Clubhouse, Paume
Executive Producers Trâm T N Phạm, Cako

“Life Reel” (2023) directed by Ameya (Indian-Japanese)
A personal and candid collection of life documentation.
Filmed and edited Ameya

“16 HOURS” (2019) directed by Christine Yuan (Chinese- American)
The time difference between China and Los Angeles is 16 hours.
Director Christine Yuan
Producer Christopher Heinrich
Starring Lisha Sun, Corey & FSE Boys, Jackie Zhou, Laura Cha, Liu Yi, K.O.

“Sun, Moon and Four Peaks” directed by Kevin Jin Kwan Kim 
As Minseo awaits for the return of his long-separated younger brother, through both joyful and bitter vignettes of the family's reunion the film portrays the duality of the Lee family's culture and philosophies.
Director Kevin Jin Kwan Kim  
Producer Michael Ren
Starring Dooyong Pan, Daniel Dongha Lee, Sanghee Kim, Joseph So Choon Lee

“On Golden Days” (2023) directed by James J. Robinson
An ironic takedown of the nostalgia industry in the West, questioning who it leaves behind when we romanticise the past.
Director James J. Robinson
Producer Rachael Morrow

“We’re From Outer Space” Trailer

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