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3 June 2023

In the Joan Sutherland Theatre | Contemporary Music

Legendary electronic musician, producer and bass maximalist Squarepusher brings his genre-defying mix of IDM, acid techno, jazz and mischievous breakbeats to the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

Squarepusher transcends any audio-visual performance I've ever witnessed… An incredible, fully immersive experience.


Enter the vortex with a shapeshifting electronic genius

One of the true icons of modern electronic music, few artists have pushed the genre as hard as Squarepusher, the pioneering British composer, producer and mad genius who has consistently exploded sonic forms across the last quarter century.

Renowned for his immersive, mind-warping live shows, Squarepusher – aka Essex-born Tom Jenkinson – returns to Vivid LIVE for the first time since unleashing a mind-altering opening  night set in 2015 to perform tracks from his latest album, Be Up A Hello. This new audio-visual experience in the Joan Sutherland Theatre is sure to satisfy  fans complete with Jenkinson’s signature adrenaline-rush style of breakneck beats, complex rhythms and visceral fun.

Since his myth-making first recording for Aphex Twin, 1996’s Feed Me Weird Things, Squarepusher has shapeshifted faster than the future he seemed to see coming, moving fluidly between hectic breakbeats, impish hardcore, musique concrète, electric jazz, prog, funk and – naturally – recordings composed entirely for robots. From era-defining IDM classics Music is Rotted One Note (1998) and Go Plastic (2001) to the experimental Damogen Furies (2015) and his 2020 career opus Be Up a Hello, Jenkinson has pushed the limits of electro avant garde – and thrilled audiences in the process.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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