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Weyes Blood

1 & 4 June 2023

In the Joan Sutherland Theatre | Contemporary Music

Returning to Australia for her Sydney Opera House debut at Vivid LIVE, LA-based singer-songwriter Weyes Blood brings the gorgeous folk pop of her latest album to the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

The singer-songwriter’s secular hymnals and eerie psych-folk songs have an almost sacred quality when played live, leaving the crowd in a state of spellbound rapture.

The Guardian

Transcendent chamber pop from the poet priestess of our time

One of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters of the moment, LA-based musician Natalie Mering – who goes by the stage moniker Weyes Blood – has captured hearts and minds with her gorgeously dark, haunting take on psych-folk and chamber pop, a sound that’s at once deeply personal and an eerie reflection of the global anxieties of our time. A live performer of transcendent, almost spiritual power, Mering will bring her stunning songs and beguiling stage presence to her Vivid LIVE debut in the Sydney Opera House’s resplendent Joan Sutherland Theatre.

Emerging from the noise rock underground to solo renown in the early 2010s, Weyes Blood – who once described her sound as “Bob Seger meets Enya” – soared to prominence with her fourth album, Titanic Rising (2019), an apocalyptic reimagining of Laurel Canyon folk, Karen Carpenter’s soft rock and lush torch songs that cast a rapturous spell of doom. Its follow-up – the second in a planned trilogy – the intimate and beautifully-wrought And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (2022) found Mering grappling with the personal amid a global crisis, and once again landed Weyes Blood on critics’ best-of-the-year lists.

Weyes Blood is a singular artist you won’t want to miss.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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