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Two hands sewing together hearts.


with Groove Therapy

10 March 2024

In the Centre for Creativity

Sydney Opera House Presents


Femmergy is a dance class experience by Groove Therapy for people who find the idea of dance class intimidating. No mirrors. Dim lights. 

Learn legit culture, history, and street dance techniques that might just help you defrost that cold, dead heart. Get out of your head, and reconnect with your body. Dance a little.

baddies encouraged

Post-WWII pencil skirts birthed the feminine silhouette. The Ndombolo from Conga brought hip isolations into pop-culture consciousness. A class ALL about embracing your femmergy and singing into the nearest cosmetic item that resembles a microphone. This workshop focuses on femininity in dance through both history and technique. Think body rolls, hair whips, bevels, and the meanest Naomi Campbell walk. All gender expressions are welcome. 

Sydney Opera House Presents


Groove Therapy

Groove Therapy is a beginner adult dance class experience for people who are convinced they can't dance. Groove Therapy was born from conversations with people who wished they could dance, but found the idea of stepping into a dance studio way too intimidating.

“We grooved hard and championed our vision to make the undeniable mental and health benefits accessible to all walks of life. Turns out people started noticing it and began to hire us for it. In the short time that we've been around, we've done a fair bit. We've danced, choreographed and movement directed TV commercials, international music videos and collaborated with the biggest global brands.”

Vanessa Marian Varghese is particularly fascinated with street dance and the way it is born outside of the dance studio context, often by an oppressed people in reaction to political and socio-economic turmoil. In 2016 Vanessa founded Groove Therapy, aimed at making dance accessible to all walks of life.

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