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Two hands sewing together hearts.

Making Candles

with Nonna’s Grocer

10 March 2024

In the Centre for Creativity

Sydney Opera House Presents


Homemade candles never looked so tasty. In this beginner-friendly candle making workshop, learn from owners of Nonna’s Grocer how they make their renowned fruit candles look so real.

A teaspoon of locally made, a pinch of small scale and a touch of perfectly imperfect... you got yourself an object with the essence of ya’ Nonna.

Nonna’s Grocer

candles good looking enough to eat (almost)

This is not your average candle making workshop. Learn from the owners of Nonna's Grocer, Madeleine and Isabel Hoy, techniques 5000 years in the making in a candle making workshop for beginners, experts and everyone in between. 

In this hands-on workshop, learn what ingredients you will need, master the art of wicking your mould, delve into color theory, explore candle dying techniques, learn candle care and safety measures, and understand the equipment and tools needed to craft the perfect food-shaped candle. Walk away with three fruit and vegetable shaped candles, insider candle making secrets, and a new friend or two.

Sydney Opera House Presents


Candles that look like avocados, mangoes, fennel, star fruit and plums.
Nonna’s Grocer

Nonna’s Grocer is a concept candle store inspired by Madeleine and Isabel Hoy’s great grandfather Giuseppe, who migrated from Salina (Italy) to Daylesford (Victoria) where he established his first fruit shop.

As an ode to his craftsmanship and food artistry, they began experimenting with the world of wax and launched their very first product: a Lemon Candle.

Their concept is, in a way, a playful continuation of the family narrative, but with a female-led focus, hence the name Nonna’s Grocer.

They sought to create a brand that surprises and delights anyone who engages with it, through compelling storytelling (food and community) and a blend of design practices (nostalgic yet contemporary).

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