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Antidote is an annual festival of ideas, action and change. Watch inspiring conversations and creative solutions as thinkers, artists and change maker respond to these turbulent times.

An old man with grey hairs and beard wearing a black shirt.

Brian Cox: The Evil in Us All: Antidote 2022 (Highlights)

As an actor for stage and screen, Brian Cox has built a brilliant career on getting under the skin of tyranny. His depiction of the tyrannical media patriarch, Logan Roy, in the television series Succession, embodies the mixture of repulsion and envy felt towards the ultra-rich elites.

A musician Jarvis Cocker wearing a brown suit jacket with a blue shirt.

Jarvis Cocker: Good Pop Bad Pop: Antidote 2022

The legendary pop pioneer opened his attic crawl space where he hoarded objects for 20 years. He tells us what he found there and how the things we keep hidden say more about us than those we put on display.

A woman resting her arm on a wall wearing a beige long coat.

The Body Free and Powerful: Olivia Laing: Antidote 2022

The body is the arena where power and politicised control play out. Join Olivia Laing as she examines how bodies encounter oppression and resistance, and reshape the world.

Two men wearing suit and smiling.

Malcolm Turnbull AC & Ed Coper: Unfriend the Algorithm: Antidote 2022

Rioters stormed the US Capitol to overturn a presidential election. Medical professionals cite COVID treatment myths, despite no scientific proof.

A collage of a man and women wearing business apparel.

The World Turned Upside Down: Antidote 2022

The cross benches in our federal parliament got quite a bit more crowded at this year's election. Will this Independents movement continue to grow? And how will they enact their agenda with the new government?

A group of people holding Aboriginal flag protesting on the road.

Where do we go from here?: Antidote 2022

With growing momentum to enact the Uluru Statement from the Heart, is a meaningful change for First Nations people and our country finally really on the agenda?

A doctor wearing a mask and a statoscope looking through a window.

A Higher Calling: Antidote 2022

These high-achievers sacrificed successful careers in journalism to take up the rigorous study necessary to become medical doctors. What drives such a sacrifice, and how does it feel to be called to serve?

A diagram of multiple covalent bond with crowd of people in the background.

Welcome to the Pandemicene: Antidote 2022

The climate crisis has created a unique situation that has the potential to breed many more viruses. So is Covid just the start? Then where do we go next?