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About Antidote

A festival of ideas, art and change

So much has changed since we saw you last.

Disasters we can’t control. Politics we’re shaking up. Media that makes us grumble. And social transformation that gives us hope.

Together, we’ll look for new solutions to problems we’ve failed to fix and for sweet relief from crises that seem to mount. We’ll look for ways not to harden ourselves to the hardship around us. We’ll look for better ways to take care of each other, to defend each other, to love one another.

We'll turn to science, to politics, and to our best minds to find some answers. And we'll turn to the arts to open our eyes to truths we've forgotten how to see, and the joy we've forgotten how to hold.

At Antidote, we’ll question, we’ll celebrate, and we'll come together - curious, determined, and open.