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all about women

March 8 2020, Sydney Opera House

For the eighth year running, our talks and ideas festival, All About Women, celebrates International Women's Day with Sydney’s favourite feminist gathering - full of talks, panels and workshops. 

Hear from remarkable thinkers, whose work breaks down the everyday structures that limit the female experience, as they discuss the latest thinking on gender, power, history, justice and technology. 

Be part of your local community and join the global movement. Gather, learn, reflect, and be challenged. All About Women is a celebration of feminism for every person who is affected by the patriarchy.

To view talks from All About Women 2019 visit the Sydney Opera House Talks and Ideas YouTube or listen on iTunes.

community engagement 

This year at All About Women Irregular Fit has developed a community engagement strategy to help ensure the festival is an inclusive and accessible space for all people. 

Irregular Fit is a collaborative interdisciplinary arts platform, led by First Nations, Bla(c)k and POC (persons of colour) artists + collectives working towards creating a more equitable and sustainable future in arts and cultural industries. Irregular Fit’s works to actively engage and support our local arts communities by creating and facilitating artistic experiences that enrich lives as well as support social, mental and economic wellbeing.

As part of this strategy All About Women is offering discounted tickets to groups that meet the eligibility criteria. For more information please email

countdown to all about women

the women of isis
azadeh moaveni
Thousands of women emigrated to Syria to create an Islamic state. Why? Join Pulitzer nominated journalist, Azadeh Moaveni, as she dissects the stereotype of the ISIS bride.
all about women in film
starstruck, thelma & louise
Grab some popcorn and settle in for some wild and wonderful feminist cinema. We'll be screening classics, hearing from filmmakers, and exploring Australian film culture, all over one glorious day.
the forgotten women of astronomy
jo dunkley
Taking a telescope to the night sky and a critical eye to our past, astrophysicist Jo Dunkley explores the universe while unearthing a line of stellar female astronomers who ran this risk of being consigned to the black hole of history.