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Enjoy a selection of articles and podcasts from All About Women past and present.


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Cheat Sheet: Tishani Doshi

When Tishani Doshi speaks, it's hard not to listen. From poetry to journalism, to dance and cricket, Doshi is an artistic powerhouse. Here's everything you need to know about the multi-talented All About Women headliner.

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Cheat Sheet: Wendy McCarthy AO

Our cheat sheet for award-winning businesswoman and activist Wendy McCarthy AO, one of the lesser-known Australian pioneer feminists.

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Cheat Sheet: Roxane Gay

Meet the fearless Roxane Gay, whose bestselling books have been responsible for “the most persuasive feminist recruitment drive in recent memory” and who returns to the Opera House for All About Women 2022.

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My Podcast Playlist: Jamila Rizvi

First up in our new series asking Opera House guests for their top podcast picks is Jamila Rizvi – the author, presenter and political commentator appearing at All About Women.

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My Podcast Playlist: Amy Thunig

All About Women speaker Amy Thunig's podcast playlist for “learning, reflecting and processing” – brought to you by a semi-regional lifestyle with long commutes.

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10 years of All About Women

Forage through this multimedia time capsule of our beloved feminist talks festival All About Women, as we celebrate its 10th year of being.

All About Women of Colour 

The final works

Four writers, Yeena Kirkbright, Ayeesha Ash, Lina Ali and Raqiya Ahmed, worked on short fiction pieces inspired by the themes of this year’s All About Women festival, under the guidance of Sweatshop judges/mentors Winnie Dunn and Randa Abdel-Fattah.

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Ideas at the House | All About Women 2021

Talks and conversations from the Sydney Opera House featuring the world’s greatest minds and culture creators

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