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A collage of a pile of discarded clothes surrounded by Instagram likes.

Slowing Down Fast Fashion

with Aja Barber, Moderated by Jan Fran

10 March 2024

In the Utzon Room

Sydney Opera House Presents

Talks and Ideas

When we get dressed every morning, it's hard to think about the political reality of jeggings and cotton t-shirts. Activist Aja Barber demystifies the structural inequality embedded in the global fashion industry, and shows us how we can make it better.  

Co-curated by Clementine Ford

Aja Barber has singlehandedly challenged and changed my approach to consumerism and fast fashion.

Clementine Ford

Colonialism, climate change and buying (another!) little black dress

The fashion industry has a whole lot to answer for: tons of waste every year, worker exploitation across the globe, and it's responsible for 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. But how much of that do we have to answer for? Aja Barber takes a hard look at fast fashion and the consumerist culture that keeps it going strong, year after year. 

Most of us are sort of aware of the dismal conditions of the industry - but what’s driving us to buy, buy, buy? And can our individual choices make a difference? We sit down with Aja to talk about racism, inequality and the textile industry. Don't miss this conversation with the inspiring activist about the link between our social media-driven consumerism, climate change, labour rights, and responsible global citizenship.

Presented by Sydney Opera House


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