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Local artists illustrate your Opera House memories

Cherished Opera House moments brought to life

Joanne Been

Who am I?

I was the setting for an art installation where over 5000 naked bodies lay exposed on my steps; I’ve stepped in (often at short notice!) as the backdrop to hundreds of thousands of marriage proposals, first kisses and date nights; I hosted an eight hour overnight concert and set-up beds for the audience to sleep in; my spine was the setting for a Jackie Chan fight scene; and I’ve been the meeting place for countless reunions between friends, community events and career highlights for performers from across the globe.

You guessed it – I’m the Sydney Opera House. And these are just a few of the extraordinary moments that have brought people together under my sails, a place where cherished memories are continuously made.

To celebrate these memories, over the last couple of months we have asked the community to share their most treasured Opera House moments with us. We’ve pulled together some of our favourites and comissioned local comic artists and illustrators to bring them to life.

Naked in the name of art

In 2010, photographer Spencer Tunick had 5000 people lay starkers on the Forecourt, for art installation 'The Base'. Not even the cool harbour breeze and grey skies could deter the crowds from lying nude on the cold, cold granite for 90 minutes, while Tunick captured the perfect shot.

Artist: Oslo Davis

A good night’s sleep at the Opera House - Max Richter’s 2016 performance

Head of Contemporary Music Ben Marshall remembers his time at Sleep: an eight 8 hour ambient album performed by Max Richter in our foyers overlooking the Sydney Harbour. The audience were given beds to sleep in and the serendipitous storm added to the surreal atmosphere.

Artist: Adam Parata

Falling asleep on the job

On the theme of sleep, this 1973 memory of a new Dad / SSO musician who nodded off in the green Room propped up amongst instruments, takes sleeping on the job to the next level!

Artist: Ilya Milstein

A romantic proposal

Jessica and Joseph shared a moment they’ll never forget at the Opera House earlier this year. Joseph hatched a sneaky birthday plan, which included a private Opera House tour and a surprise proposal at the end.

Artist: Alice Lindstrom

The poster design that launched a career

Artist Jeremyville recounts the tale of how he got his big break in art with a winning poster design, for a competition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House .

Artist: Jeremyville Poster Illustration 

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