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3 Oct 2023 Talks & Ideas

Megan Cope – In Conversation

Join artist Megan Cope, creator of the monumental public artwork, Whispers, and guest Matt Poll, as they discuss ecology, collectivity, First Nations culture and the role of artists.

5 Oct 2023 Talks & Ideas

The Opera House Would Not Be Built Today

Would we build the Sydney Opera House today? As an icon that sparks conversations and imagination, this event is an opportunity to reflect on whether we would have the same impetus to create such a building in the current culture. Join us for this informative, fun (possibly even raucous) old-school debate.

8 Oct 2023 Talks & Ideas

Story Week 2023 - Australian Poetry Slam

This is your call to listen, watch and cheer. Australian Poetry Slam is here. The door is open. The mic is on. Push into the crowd and find your spot.

17 Oct 2023 Talks & Ideas

UNSW Sydney UTZON Lecture

Join Jan and Lin Utzon in conversation – as we journey through the legacy of their father, Jørn Utzon, the visionary architect of the Sydney Opera House. In a brief UNSW Sydney UTZON Lecture, Jan will examine the architectural brilliance of the building that has inspired a nation.

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3 Nov 2023 Talks & Ideas

To What End

Join William Kentridge, the creator of the Sydney Opera House presentation of Sibyl, as he takes us on a fascinating exploration of his creative process.

11 Nov 2023 Talks & Ideas

Jamie Oliver

Chef and child health campaigner Jamie Oliver is back in Sydney for an Australian exclusive conversation at the Sydney Opera House. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jamie’s story – from the early Naked Chef days to how he continues to inspire millions to cook fresh and delicious food from scratch, and his pledge to keep fighting for kids’ health.

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13 - 14 Feb 2024 Talks & Ideas

An Evening with Fran Lebowitz

In a cultural landscape teeming with self-proclaimed experts and incessant chatter, Fran Lebowitz reigns supreme with scathing and insightful social commentary. A force to be reckoned with, she possesses an unparalleled ability to dissect life with biting precision.

17 Feb 2024 Talks & Ideas

Dr. Andrew Huberman

Stanford neuroscientist and host of one of the most listened to podcasts in the world, Dr. Andrew Huberman, is bringing his Brain Body Contract tour to the Sydney Opera House.

26 Feb 2024 Talks & Ideas

An Evening with Elizabeth Day

How To Fail fans – this is the moment you have been waiting for. Your favourite podcaster, journalist, and bestselling author, Elizabeth Day, takes the stage in Australia for the very first time.  

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On The Level with Brian Cox

Candid, in-depth, and always revealing, On The Level is a monthly interview series that catches up with artists during their visit to the Sydney Opera House, discussing their careers, inspirations, and preparations for their performance.

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Mother tongues and minor feelings

Recipient of the Antidote and Sweatshop Mentorship for Diverse Emerging Writers Joyce Chew on family, language and the “glittering visage of the Australian ‘fair go’”.

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