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29 Sep - 13 Oct 2023 Musical Theatre

Miss Saigon

Direct from the West End and Broadway, experience this epic love story of passion and tragedy at the iconic Sydney Opera House this August.

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A group of girls with hockey sticks dancing on stage.
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Fanning the flame: The history and stigma of fangirls

Ahead of smash-hit musical FANGIRLS playing at the Opera House, we've dug into the history and stigma of the fangirl, from Franz Liszt to Bieber to BTS.

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Guide to UnWrapped 2023

Unwrapping the latest performances by the independent artists of UnWrapped 2023.

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The viral musical you’ve probably never heard of

When it opened in 2017, ‘SIX the Musical’ enchanted a new generation of musical theatre fans with its contemporary pop homages and progressive take on Tudor history. Now, having just debuted on Broadway, the viral musical has its sights set on a wider audience.

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