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19 Jul 2024 Comedy

Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik, celebrated for his sharp humour, is touring Australia. Known for his Netflix special ‘Fire in the Maternity Ward’ and infamous roasts of Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central, Jeselnik is a master of edgy comedy.

9 Nov 2024 Comedy

No Such Thing As A Fish

In 2014 Dan, James, Anna and Andy gathered around their microphones in QI’s Covent Garden office and made Episode 1 of No Such Thing As A Fish. 500 episodes and half-a-billion downloads later, the gang are celebrating 10 years of podcasting with their Thundernerds tour and returning to the Sydney Opera House this November. 

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The stylish Scotsman who's reinventing mentalism

Scott Silven isn't your average magician. He sees magic as storytelling – "a metaphor for something greater". Ahead of Wonders, we talk to Silven about the art of magic.

The making of a comedy persona

Myra DuBois brings laughter back from the grave.

What’s it really like to run away with the circus?

Ever wondered what it's like to run away with the circus? Jascha Boyce and Darcy Grant from contemporary circus production The Mirror share the high-flying details.

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