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Your Liane Moriarty-inspired stories brought to life

We asked for murder, mystery and suburban mayhem – you delivered. These are the three winners of our Liane Moriarty blurb competition.

Sydney Opera House

We've all been turning to books this last year to fill the void of juicy goss left by the pandemic. And one Aussie writer, in particular, has kept us going with her plethora of secrets and suspense: Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers author Liane Moriarty. To celebrate her chat with Annabel Crabb on Stream, available now on-demand, we asked for your best Moriarty-inspired story ideas... and you delivered. Here are our three winners, brought to life by our roster of talented illustrators.

Sex, lies and pastries

Blurb by Troy O'Pray, illustration by Kate Wong (@striped_cat_studio)

“On a normal Tuesday afternoon, Caroline Jennings' life was flipped upside down. Returning home after a long weekend away with her secret lover Jason, she finds her front door ajar, her house ransacked, her husband Hank missing and a mysterious lemon meringue pie on the counter.

This sets Caroline on a wayward adventure to discover a secret world full of lies, scandal and pastries!

Will she survive? Will her husband forgive her? Will she learn how to make the perfect soufflé? Only time will tell.”

With friends like these...

Blurb by Daniella Marsland, illustration by Phil Constinesco (@faunesque)

“For years, Amy and Danielle have been the best of friends. Schoolyard playmates. University chums. Travelling the world in their twenties. And then mothers, marrying and raising young families at the same time.

When Amy and her husband William move into the house next door to Danielle and her husband Monty, it's a dream come true for the friends to be neighbours.

But one morning, Amy sees something she shouldn't through Danielle's kitchen curtains, that threatens to throw both of their families' universe into chaos.”

Best-kept secrets

Blurb by Christopher Daniels, illustration by Catherine Cordasco (@catherinesomething)

“Steve has a secret he hasn't shared with his wife, Ruth. But Dean knows Steve's secret.

Barbara has a secret she hasn't shared with her husband, Dean. But Steve knows Barbra's secret.

Ruth has a secret she's not sharing with anyone but the family dog, however the cat next door has her suspicions...

What are these secrets? Who will find out? Will Steve forget to feed the dog?”

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