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Filming and photography at the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world. With so much onsite activity we must comply with strict site safety and conservation management plans to protect all our staff and visitors.

Sydney Opera House abides by Screen NSW’s Film Friendly initiatives and will work to facilitate on-site filming requests where it can, provided these requests do not interfere with our sponsorship agreements, commercial revenues or day to day operations.

Sydney Opera House receives partial funding for building maintenance from the State Government of NSW, but is otherwise responsible for driving close to 80% of its own commercial revenues. It is our responsibility therefore to preserve the integrity of the site and control the use of the Sydney Opera House brand and image.

Sydney Opera House Filming Application

This is an application for filming on the Sydney Opera House site, which includes both exterior and interior locations. All requests to film must gain prior written approval from Sydney Opera House.

If the information you provide in this application is inaccurate it may lead to the cancellation of an approval at any time.

The following document is an application and does not constitute a filming permit or location/licensing contract.

Part 1: Applicant Details


Part 2: Production Details


Part 3: Commercial Licensing


Part 4: Location Details

The lists below include our major venues available for hire. There are other venues available for filming outside those listed below that can be made available on a case by case basis.


Part 5: Personnel Details

Please provide number of cast, crew and additional people who will be on site.


Part 6: Supporting Documentation


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